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Barkana Classic
Bathroom is one of the most important and practical rooms in the house, where the decoration must be beautiful, warm and pleasant. Classic-Barkana radiator is an attractive option for heating this room. Adding Classic-Barkana to the bathroom brings more than just a hot shower experience. The top of Classic-Brakana has a curved form which turns it to a very useful tool to make the space more friendly and attractive. If your home design has sharp corners, it is recommended to use Classic- Barkana.It perfectly balances the interior design and also looks unique. Adding a Classic-Barkana towel radiator to the bathroom provides a place to hang towels while ,warming the environment. Classic-Barkana can be ordered in three different sizes, colors and finishes so that you can match it exactly with your decoration style. Choose a finish that matches the color palette of the space so that the radiator becomes not only a source of heat, but also a prominent feature of the home.
Color & Finishing
At Drizzle, we offer radiators in a wide range of colors and finishes from matte to glossy upon customer request.
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