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Designer Radiators
The design of Kalat radiator is inspired by the ogee shape of Naderi Palace. This combination has made the design of Kalat original and unique. If you are looking to create a special focal point on the wall and are also a fan of the classic and integrated style, you will never regret choosing the kalat radiator. The Kalat radiator with a gold finish on a white or black wall and its steel finish on a gray wall gives a special effect. Due to the arcs and curved lines used in the design of this product, it is compatible with Moroccan decoration style. Kalat towel radiator gives identity to the space and depending on your taste, it has the ability to have a mirror installed between its curved lines. The combination of mirror and this radiator doubles its beauty. This luxury designer radiator is better placed in a part of the house that shows off completely. The corridor between the bedrooms or the wall next to the window is a good choice for the Kalat radiator, and it makes the reflection of light spread more in the house. If you intend to use this decorative radiator in the bathroom, the combination of a mirror and a towel radiator will allow you to kill two birds with one stone.
Color & Finishing
At Drizzle, we offer radiators in a wide range of colors and finishes from matte to glossy upon customer request.
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